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Cambodia Mission Trip

Cambodia Photo Album (updated 1/24/15)

Personal Testimony from Becky Roe - January 28

Glory to God for a fruitful mission! He has accomplished much thru us & in us. Worshipping with the Hung family in church services, in school lessons, in neighborhood outreach & in fellowship has given us a clear vision of the Hungs' ministry. It has also firmly established our relationship with them. We are excited to tell you all more about it so we can effectively parnter with the Hungs.

Those who sent, as usual, played the biggest part in this endeavor. Your prayer support was/is absolutely crucial. It makes the difference between a challenging overseas visit & a successful mission trip. Your enthusiasm encouraged everyone to seek & do God's will. Your financial support enabled us to go & to show God's gracious generosity in tangible ways.

As for the travelers, each one has stories of God's love-power to tell. Mine is just this: God can do anything with a willing heart. Even if it is broken, jaded, scared, scarred & empty, as long as it is willing, He can use it for His glory.

Becky Roe

Personal Testimony from Karyn Kamphausen - January 25

The Generosity of a Pig

When my daughter was little she used to go the market in Phnom Penh and usually returned home with a clay bank like this one. They had all shapes of animals like pigs and chickens but the rabbits were her favorite. As a two year old, she would carry the clay rabbit under her arm and pretend to pet it as if it had fur. She would even name it. Eventually, she would drop it and since it was only made of clay it would shatter into a million pieces. Then there were tears, lots of tears. But she would go to the market and purchase a new clay bank and it would start all over again with her new "pet". They never lasted long but she loved them.

I mentioned this story to Pastor Hung and asked what the clay banks were called in Khmer so I could go to the market and purchase one to take home to my daughter from this trip. The next day we arrived at the church, Pastor Hung handed me this blue piggy bank. It was just like the ones my daughter had when she was little. I only mentioned my daughter's love for these clay banks and his family took the time that evening to purchase one for her.

This pig illustrates the generous heart of the Cambodian people. Just mention something and it becomes yours, even if it is the only one they have. The Pastor's family has been incredibly generous to us: driving for over an hour one way to pick us up and take us home in terrible traffic everyday, cooking delicious meals daily for lunch, inviting us into their church and letting us teach their children and students.

Most Cambodian families have very little "extra" in their lives or even "enough". But each one of them would sacrifice to make you more comfortable and let you know you are loved. We have been loved this week by this dear family that works to reach the community they live in with the love of Jesus Christ. It makes me ask, "what am I willing to give up so that others around me can know the love of Christ?"

Karyn Kamphausen

Personal Testimony from Beth Cheatham - January 23

Coming on this trip has been a beautiful experience. I have learned a lot from the Cambodian people. I have learned that they sacrifice so much more than I will probably ever have to. I thought that I had troubles, but it is nothing compared to what they go through daily. I will pray everyday for the people and the children. They have found a special place in my heart.

Beth Cheatham

Personal Testimony from Mark Barclay - January 22

I came all the way around the world to understand what the sign for Jesus loves me means. We were singing Jesus Loves Me in English and then in Khmer and we were doing the motions. When you say Jesus you are supposed to touch your finger to the palm of the opposite hand and then do it to the other side. As we were singing the song I suddenly realized what that meant and why that is the perfect sign for Jesus. It was an instant communication to my heart about what Jesus did for me and for the world. It was a 1 second sermon.

I have heard many times that kids are the same around the world... It is true! It strengthens my soul to see that Christians around the world are the same, we have the same Jesus, we have the same God.

It has been encouraging to see different people use different gifts that all work together. The Holy Spirit has brought them all together. Karyn coming was a God-send. It has also been great for our group to grow closer and to get to know each other better.

Since I came to Cambodia even my own personal study time has been blessed. God's word seems to pour out. I need to wrap a rubber band around my Bible to keep it closed, but it has been a joy!

I am so glad that someone encouraged me to come and that the Lord chose to send me.

Mark Barclay

Update from Pastor Isaac - January 19

Thanks so much for all your prayers, God has been very good!

1) We traveled safely and had no airport or connection issues.

2) Don Turpin had his clothes bag taken home from the airport by someone else . . . but they brought it back the next day!

3) Karyn Kamphausen arrived safely from Thailand and has been wonderful in interpretation and a huge blessing to the team.

4) Pastor Hung has the week all planned out for us; teaching English at the school Mon - Fri; doing some visiting around the village, then on Saturday we will travel to another Vietnamese village on the river and spend the day with these people.

5) The worship service at Pastor Hung's church was wonderful, everything in three languages, Cambodian, Vietnamese and English. I was asked to preach (the day before) and it was incredibly difficult, but we survived and I don't think I preached any heresy.

6) Today (Monday, we are 12 hours in the future so our Monday is almost over) we taught English to two classes of students, am and pm classes, about 60 and 25 respectively. It was a huge blessing and challenge and we are looking forward to helping the hung's, continuing to developed relationships with the kids and hopefully help them with their conversational English.

7) no one has gotten sick and everyone seems to be doing pretty well with the food and the weather ( nice and 80)

We have just started but it seems that God has already done so much.

Thanks again for all your prayers.


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